Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas pictures and video!

Since we got to speak with Caiden through Skype for about an hour yesterday for Christmas, and the day after was p-day, he decided not to write his normal letter today. He did send us a short voice recording and a few pictures. We also were able to get some pictures and videos from Facebook of him at some of the member's homes. This will have to suffice for this week.

This is a Christmas tree and presents that some of the missionaries helped provide for a family that had just moved to New York from Honduras. They had nothing but their apartment, but this is what they got to come home to! 
A Member gave them Superhero outfits for Christmas!

Christmas Dinner with some members

And, unbelievable gifts from some members!

Looks like it was quite the party.. This was Christmas eve.

This is the Elder's Christmas card. He said they were trying to look like a "Boy Band"! "Merry Christmas! We love you very much, from the missionaries."

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