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August 14, 2015


Wow! Where do I begin?? This week has been insane! So fun and so hard! There is nothing that compares to the spirit that is here. It is so unreal how in-tuned and in love I am with this gospel!! I guess I will just start off with telling you guys how my week went. Oh, and today, Friday, is my p-day. So, here’s more about my companion and my district. My companion’s name is Elder Pugmire, he is from Gilbert Arizona and I am learning to love him a lot!

Elders, Frandsen, Call, Shawgo, Southwick, Escobar, and Rust are all the Elders in my district. Me and Elder Frandsen are like best friends and get along very well. He is from Salem Hills and is really good friends with Jake Ence. The Sunday after I got here I had a meeting with the branch president. Me and my companion were called to be zone leaders. He said it was very rare to call such new missionaries, but he thought we were the Elders for the job. It is kind of scary though because we know, like, the least Spanish in the whole zone, but we are supposed to lead them. I know that we will be blessed through our hard work and obedience.

Thanks Mom and Britt, for the first package and thanks Mom for the second one! All the Elders crowd over my candy and are all so jealous of my amazing family! The Spanish is going better than before, of course, but obviously it is as difficult as before! We have a couple of investigators right now and basically all I do is teach by the Spirit and the gift of tongues because I don’t really know what is coming out of my mouth. But how amazing is that? I just got here like a week ago and I am already teaching people in Spanish how amazing Christ is and how incredible this gospel is! It’s amazing how the Lord blesses you when you are obedient.

Sunday was amazing. We call it spiritual P day. We got to listen to a talk given to missionaries from Elder Bednar that is called “The Character Of Christ”. If any of you have not seen this talk I strongly encourage you to go watch it because it changed my life and I know that it can change yours. I also watched a talk given by Elder Holland about the Book of Mormon, it’s called “Safety for the Soul”. OH MY GOSH. IT’S AMAZING. Stop reading my letter right now and go watch it because I know that it will benefit your life a ton. THIS CHURCH IS SO TRUE IT INCREDIBLE HOW TRUE IT IS!! AHHHHHHHH.

I guess more on the answer question side... I have gained 10 pounds since I have been here. And that is not a joke! I really am trying to be healthy though, I promise. A lot of my friends emailed me. It is always fun to hear from them and what life is like back at home. But, tell people to “dear elder” me and write me letters. Those really mean a lot and I can read them not on p-day for a little extra encouragement. My leg is all better and all there really is a scar there and a few scabs, but it healed up pretty nice.

 It is so fun to hear from everybody and how all your weeks have been going. Nothing is better than a good ole letter from home. I hope I answered all of your questions and concerns. Time is kind of limited, so I try to fit everything in and remember all that I wanted to say. If you have any questions just shoot me a dear letter and I will try and get back to you ASAP. You guys are the best and I love you all so much. For some reason it won’t let me attach any pictures, but I will keep trying. Pray, Read the scriptures, love our Savior and the church is true!

Love, Elder Brown
Elder Pugmire

Elder Frandsen

At the temple Left to Right-- Rust, Escobar, Frandsen, Southwick, Call, Shawgo, Me, Pugmire

Elder Frandsen

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