Wednesday, October 12, 2016

That special baptismal tie!!

Hey family and friends!! 

This was an awesome week and we saw some amazing miracles!! As usual, I don’t have much time to write so I am going to have to make this a quick one, but I will try my best to explain all the cool things that happened this week!

So, I guess I will get right into it! So, I have talked a lot about Roxanna and she is so cool! Haha, so recently she hasn’t been able to come to church because she just got a second job so that she could take care of her family and pay the bills. So the past couple weeks she hasn’t come. Well, this whole week Elder Hinckley and I have been praying for a miracle or something like super cool to happen. Haha, well, it got to Saturday and nothing really super amazing had happened! Yeah, little things here and there, but nothing really big like we were hoping for. Well, on Saturday we were talking with her and she was like "Brothers, guess what?? I got work off on Sundays so that we can come to church!" Well, to say the least we were stoked!! Haha, it really is soooo cool to see these people make sacrifices in their lives to live their lives in accordance with the gospel of Jesus Christ! It seriously makes me soooo happy!!! Haha, we are super excited for them and the progress that they are making! The ward has been awesome in being friends and helping them along the way! She talks with the relief society president more than we talk to her and so we think she is in good hands!

As a zone we have made a goal to set a new baptismal date every week! So this past week obviously we were hoping that we were going to hit the goal, haha, and it had gotten to Sunday morning and we had yet to set a date with anybody. It was Fast Sunday and so we decided that we were going to fast for the cause. The English ward had a baptism after church and we really wanted one of our investigators to come, but we had invited everyone and no one really wanted to come. Haha, so we decided we were going to invite an old investigator that we haven’t taught for like 7 weeks. He and his girlfriend said that they would be willing to come! We were stoked! Now this is where it gets legendary... Little side note... as we were praying before leaving the house Elder Hinckley got the feeling that he should go grab a tie for Brayan (the guy that was going to come to the baptism) and give it to him and tell him to wear it at his baptism, which was obviously weird because we had no baptism planned for him, nor was he even meeting with us. So it was definitely out of the ordinary. Well, as we arrive to the baptism and we meet up with Brayan and his girlfriend Yadi, he says to us, "Elders, I have been thinking.... and thinking... and thinking a little more... and I want to get baptized!!!"  We had a group hug and it was just a special moment! After the baptism we were able to sit down with them and plan their baptism for the end of the month on the 30!! It was seriously such an answer to our fasts and prayers and just a testimony to me that miracles really do happen. Even in our day and time miracles are still as real as they were in the times of our Savior! We just gotta believe in them!!

I love every minute I have been out here! I love the people here more than I love anything in the whole entire world! It’s kind of sad because Elder Hinckley will be headed back home in less than  5 weeks, and it’s weird to think that there actually is a life that isn’t missionary work. I’m not too excited for that day. Haha, sorry mom and dad, I still love you, but you know what I mean! Haha, I love you all! Thanks for everything! I love hearing from y’all and I hope this week is amazing just like the last!!

Con Amor, 

Elder Brown

Bug extermination day!

A lady in our ward who is moving to Idaho 

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  1. What happiness! Thank you, sweetheart, for sharing. Love to you!