Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Hey fam!

Well, another week gone by too fast! It's crazy to think I have already been with Elder Molina for almost a transfer. Feels like just yesterday he came in the mission and now we are almost done with our first cycle together! Transfers will be in 6 days. It's basically a given that Elder Molina and I will be staying together here in Newburgh and I am super excited about it!!! We are on the verge of something LEGENDARY!! We had interviews with President yesterday, and basically what goes down in interviews is we are supposed to bring a question and we will talk about that question for like 5 minutes and then we are done. And, if you don't bring a question...Then you don't really have an interview, haha, but the question that I brought this
time was a question of confusion. I was confused because we felt like we were being the best missionaries we have ever been, being the most obedient as we could be, teaching better than we ever have before,
working like horses and the success just kind of stopped. People weren't coming to church, nobody had the burning desire to be baptized and, you know, the people were just kind of grumpy! So what was going on in my head was like, “WHAT IS GOING ON!!? THIS DOESNT REALLY ADD UP!” Well, President Smith and all his wise knowledge just looked at me and laughed! He said "Elder, THATS GREAT!! That means you all are getting close to something amazing! God is testing you to see if you will keep being faithful and if you will the success will come. Keep it up! And be grateful for times of no success, it's where you grow the most!" I love that! And I think it applies to our lives as well! We are on this earth to be tested. I don't know about y'all, but I've never taken a test that was just flat out easy. Maybe that's because I'm not the most intelligent guy in the world, but normally, and I say normally because there are some people like Brittany who are just born to take tests and are just nerds, haha ;) (Just kidding Britt) but normally we have to study, practice, fail and try again to really be equipped and ready for the test. Life won't be easy but if we endure it well and we prepare ourselves as we should there will be blessings waiting for us. We are soooo close to something legendary! So don't give up now!

Independence Day in Newburg
I hope y'all had an awesome Fourth of July! It sounds like it was just full of great and fun activities. Newburgh was a party - People walking around everywhere! There really is no better place to spend a holiday than on the streets of New York. You really do see some insane things! Haha, well everyone here is doing great! The Garcia family keeps being super awesome! I guess Hermana Garcia talked to her mom and dad from Mexico, who are members, every day this past week about the church and I guess they bore super strong testimony of how the gospel has changed their lives and how they want her to have this joy. She is hesitant and a little frightened of change, but I know they will come around! I love that family soooo much! Please keep praying for them! Caesar’s mom is still being stubborn as can be about him being baptized. But hardened hearts can be softened! I know that is true! I have seen it countless times while on my mission and I know it can happen for her!

This past Sunday as Hermano Galo, (I don't know if I have ever mentioned the Galo family but they are like the coolest members in the whole entire world! He drives a huge van so he can pick up all the investigators for church - such a stud!) Anyways, he was driving us around to pick everyone up and nobody was home! We had committed like 15 people to come and nobody was pulling through! It was kind of sad! So we got to church and only a few of the people we had invited had showed up. We decided to say a pray before the meeting started just asking that if it be God’s will that one of our families would show up. And of course…Halfway through sacrament meeting a less active lady with her sister’s family who we have been teaching comes strolling in! This was the first time this family had been to church and to be honest they were pretty confused...Haha, we explained things and it was cool to see the Spirit work on this family throughout the meetings. I'm grateful for the ultimate teacher, the Spirit, to make up for our mistakes as missionaries! Haha, such a blessing!

I'm running out of time like I do every week! But I love you guys! Thanks for all you do! I know the gospel is true and I know that good things are to come! HOPE BABY! HOPE!!!!

Love Elder Brown

That's a big fishing pole! I have no idea what he is doing with that, he gave no explanation.

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