Wednesday, September 16, 2015

First day in the actual field!‏


Well, here it is! New York!! It's sooooo crazy to actually be here and for my mission to actually start!! So, I really don't have that much time to write because I didn't get my iPad today, and everything has been kind of a rush, so I am sitting in a clerks office in a church writing right now! I feel really bad, Dad, that I wasn't able to talk to you! I hope you know I tried like 30 times... I'm not sure why it wouldn't work!! But in just a short three months I will be able to talk to you guys!

I want to thank Lois and McKay's family for the package; it was sooooo awesome!! They sure do know my love for crazy socks!! Haha, and Mom and Britt, thanks for the package also! Those notes from Bridger are seriously the best thing ever!! I love them sooo much!

So, just some things about what has been going on for the past little while. Like I said, I don't have much time to write and I will make sure to give you all the little details in my letter next week, but I will try to fit in as much as I can today! I will just start with Tuesday... The day I left the MTC. Three in the morning we all get up, say our goodbyes, throw our things in the back of a huge semi truck thing and head for the airport! Got to the airport, got everything checked and ready to go and took off for Detroit. Landed in Detroit just a short three hours later and hopped right back on another plane headed for white Plains New York. We greeted by the mission president and his family! Him, his wife, his three kids and some elder. He is seriously some awesome. Young and energetic! I can't wait to get to know him more. They took us back to the mission home where we had some dinner, did a testimony meeting and finished the night off with some apple pie. We got to bed pretty early because we were all so tired! We woke up this morning and ate some breakfast and headed for transfer meeting. This was where we found out who our companion was and what area we would be serving in. My companion's name is Elder Hinckley, and everyone tells me he is the best! So I got lucky! The first area we are in is Concourse, which is basically North Bronx. Yup, totally a different world from Orem, that is for sure! Haha, but I already love it and am so excited for everything ahead!!

Sorry this letter is so bad and doesn't have any detail or anything, but i just wanted to write and make sure you guys know I am alive and well! Next week I will write the best letter yet I promise!!

Much love, Elder Brown

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  1. We will update his address next week when he gives it to us! You can always email him at the above address.